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Weird dream.

It starts out with Jesse calling me to come to Japan with him.

We go, but that part was skipped in the dream, the process of getting there that is, it just warped me there. Anyways, I'm hanging out at his house, and it looks like an American house in all regards, and for some reason, his whole immediate family is there, including his sister, and a couple of her friends. So it seems like everyone is there hanging out. I then say I've been wanting to go to a legitimate Japanese restaurant with things you can't get anywhere else. He says okay, so we go to this place. The weird thing is, the host is some white guy with blonde hair, some big tall fat guy. He speaks Japanese perfectly, he then speaks English perfectly to us as well, instantly recognizing the gaijin and applying correct political discretion. He then tells everyone to be quiet in Japanese, which I didn't realize I knew this phrase so well, until I heard it in the dream, and I instantly recognized it. Weird how the brain works that way.

So Jesse tells me to hold onto this weird glowing fork that he had in his pocket. I'm kinda stranged out by this, but not too much so. Then my dream skips again, after the man inquires about the fork, and we both trade clever wording I guess with each other, a battle of vocabulary and wits. Then we "warp" to this sort of gym/playground. They have virtual reality games that are also exercise games, like one which makes you switch from having a huge gun, to driving a tank, flying a plane, and running from the enemy over and over again. The game we play is just a simple bicycle game. He then tells me what the fork is for. The fork is a time traveling machine. I can't contain my laughter after I'm typing this, but yes, it was a time machine. You squeeze the handle and think of where you want to go, and you will go there to that time and place. That's how we have been warping. The foreigner heading a prestigious japanese restaurant in Japan was a side effect of the future (the westernization of Japan set in place). The gym with realistic virtual reality games with no headgear or anything you have to put on to participate in (trek-holodeck style).

Then I go back in time because I think and squeeze the fork. We go on adventures through time that I couldn't recall when I woke up. But yeah, to summarize, I have fun with Jesse in Japan with a time-traveling mind-reading squeezable fork. And he had an autistic child living with him, that I built a bond with for some reason. That was a weird moment as well.


'nuff said...

First time drinkin' Whiskey. It's pretty darn good. I guess that's the Irish in me talkin.

Not only did this make all my DVDs look a tad better and play smoother, but it also enhanced the look of all my PS1 and PS2 games. Great stuff. Now there is another thing they added in which I thought was even cooler. They added in DLNA support. DLNA is a wireless internet media sharing protocol so-to-speak. Basically, I set my PC up, and it can transmit data to my router to stream my videos, music, pictures to all compatable hardware. It streams it. So what does this have to do with me? Well I can send it to my PS3 now! Streaming music downstairs from my PC upstairs in PCM format (highest quality, so it doesn't get bottlenecked at all). Not only that I came up with an idea. I can do everything on my PS3 through remote play (except for play PS3 only games), right? I can do that all through the internet. Well I decided I would set my PS3 to remote play, and see if I can stream the music from my PC onto my PSP using the PS3 as a hub. It worked... It's pretty sweet. Any place with free wireless internet, I can listen to all my music and watch all my videos on my computer. That's 20 gb of music so far, and about 10 gb of video. It rarely lags too. Cool huh? Still wanna doubt Sony's prowess?

I decided to back up why I own a PSP and not a DS (yet). Well one thing is I do like a lot of the PSP games so far. The other is integration with my PS3. And finally it is veritably a media playing powerhouse that is wirelessly connected to the internet. All in a portable device with a nice highish-definition widescreen display.
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Just a few things that I have done before in my weblife. Not only have I had this livejournal for a very very long time, and if you read through that you will see how bad a person I was (and I'm sure I will be saying that a couple years from now as well), and how confused I still was, being young and all. Well I just kinda reflected on my website life I have had. The work I have done with sites that is. Semi-short summary here.
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Now for another addition into console debate editorialism is the value. I couldn't go into full detail on my previous post on this so I will. Let's compare each console, and how much it would cost to get 1 game, 1 extra controller, and the necessary peripherals to fully enjoy the system. I will use ebgames.com as my source for pricing since this is typical retail that almost everyone is paying.
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BTW, I always forget to post a lot of stuff here, just a single post that is huge as I was recently reminded. Anyways, I broke my ankle last month on the 9th. I had surgery. 1 pretty big plate on the right side of my left ankle, and 2 pins on the left side. Finally in a cast (thank god, splints don't offer enough support, for the sake of getting swelling down), no more pain meds (withdrawals from Vicaden were a bitch, so you guys popping vic's illegaly, stop, it's a seriously bad drug for you), when I recovered morphine actually did nothing for me (yeah that's right, I'm hard), and beforehand I almost passed out from the lack of pain meds. Eventful month so far. Getting setup for a prosthetic boot on the 25th for physical therapy and getting around crutch-free eventually. This was a serious break. Bi-malleolar fracture. None of the bone in my ankle was connected to my foot, it was completely seperated, that's why they needed all the metal. It feels strange, my ankle is still getting used to the metal in there. Weird sensations, hard to sleep, but whatever getting through it. So yeah that's my status for all the unknowers hehe.

The Playstation 3 and Sony as a whole has been under scrutiny. And why shouldn't they? They were the most successful, starting as a long shot for being successful at all, and showing the world that there are a lot more gamers than previously thought. They proved that a game system doesn't have to be just for games with the PS2's playability of a format predicted to be doomed by many skeptics. They set the new standard for systems and the thanks they get is all the media companies doing their best to give them bad press in light of a favorable gimmick to their much-to-old-to-be-representing-most-gamers selves. Here's some arguments against next gen gaming I get all too often.
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I am now registered for World Cyber Games 2007 for the game Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Basically I haven't played it yet, but my match will be scheduled near the end of next month. I'm going to practice like crazy on the demo for a while, having unlocked the NOD side before I have downloaded the game (cracked .dat file that opens up the NOD and all their tech trees as well). Everything about this game is exciting for both the player and the spectator so there is no doubt in my mind it's the next step in evolution for e-sports everywhere.

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